Your hair colour contributes a lot to your physical appearance and your hair’s death is also an important activity. Active women are so concerned that they’d like to nail every hair dye they try.

When some women think for the first time tinting their hair, they are puzzled between get it done by skilled hands or dying at home in a shop bought box colour. Well, if you are one of these confused ladies, you are in the right place. The key discrepancies between home vs salon colouring are here.

  1. Colouring difference

The biggest difference between the two methods is the correct colouring. Colouring ensures that you should consider your hair type, your skin colour and your natural hair colour, and then make tints that are not possible with box colour. And if you use a home kit, you will not get fine.

coloring hairThe aim of consulting a salon expert is to make a colouring that matches your taint, facial shape and balance with your natural hair toning. This will result in a multidimensional and natural appearance of your hair that cannot be accomplished by destroying the hair with the colour of the package. There is a risk you could lose any of your hair or the colour does not suit you, leaving you sad and angry at the same time.

  1. Price

Doing your hair dye with a colour of some store purchased from a box and making your hair dye with expert hands full is two opposite items, so there is a big price gap between the two.

  1. Application process

As mentioned earlier, you can skip those places or not uniformly spread the colour in your hair when you die on your own. The uneven implementation would yield the results you never want. You should also have a keen eye on the time, as this is the main feature of the hair. But when the salon is dying, you can lie down on the chair, relax and finish your hair with the hopes of the best results. Thus these are the difference between home and salon colouring.

The box colour has a much higher volume, i.e. between 20 and 40. This is however the worth to have a cover your grey hair or have darker shade. But if you use the product frequently or add more than one coat of hair dye, the benefit of the volume developer will cause significant harm to your hair.

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