Do you always wear the same hairstyle short bob haircuts, or do you like to vary? Since you have medium or long hair, you can make a variety of hairstyles. Are they all suitable for going to the office? What criteria must hairstyles meet to go to the office?

After addressing this last question, this article will offer you ideas about hairstyles for active women for your professional life.

The characteristics of a perfect hairstyle to go to the office

active lifestyle womanThe hairstyle must be quick to make

This is a major criterion for many of us, especially those who have to take care of their children in the morning before leaving for work, or those who have a long commute to work.

Maybe you just like to sleep as long as possible in the morning. The hairstyle should not take too much time, as the choice of your outfit. In this scenario you must choose a haircut for active lifestyle.

The hairstyle to go to the office must hold all day

You certainly do not want to rehab yourself in society or lose precious minutes by going to make a beauty in the bathroom. A smooth brushing will not have the chic effect sought if it is ruined by frizz because of the rain.

The hairstyle to go to the office must be comfortable

You must forget your hairstyle during your work day. Go for time saving haircuts for busy women. An elastic band or tight braids can go as far as giving you migraines. It is more practical to have a clear face to work quietly. In summer, wearing your hair up will help you withstand the heat.

Your hairstyle to go to the office should show you

You want to give the best image of yourself at work, to more easily reach your professional goals. The hairstyle is part of your appearance! The basis is to take care of your hair, whatever their nature. Then choose a haircut that suits you, with the help of a hairstylist.

business hairstyles for womenHere are some suggestions to decline depending on your hair type.

Hairstyle ideas to go to work according to the occasions

For an interview: the bun

This strict hairstyle ticks all the boxes of the perfect hairstyle to go to work. Each one has its own method for making a quick chignon. Wear your top bun to make you look slimmer, or down on the neck if you are already very tall or you prefer a classic appearance.

For a customer appointment: the perfect smoothing

During a customer meeting, it is as much your professionalism as your sympathy that will allow you to score points. A bun would be too strict. Opt for a perfect smoothing that will give you a feminine, but professional look.

For a team meeting: the braids

Active lifestyle girlBraids have a childish side or sports! The bigger and smaller your braids are, the more they will become adults. This hairstyle will tend to rejuvenate you and make you look more accessible.

For a day of great concentration: the ponytail

You must burn on a very important file, you do not want to be disturbed, neither by your colleagues nor by your hair? So just get rid of your face by wearing your hair in a ponytail. Wear it high or low according to your preference, knowing that the low ponytail will be more elegant and discreet than that at the top of the skull.

For a casual Friday: loose hair with an accessory

To keep your hair from bothering you while you work, you can hold them back with an accessory of your choice, such as a bar or a headband and it is suitable for business hairstyles for women. The accessories allow you to express your style, do not hesitate to opt for original models such as these in wax. The rendering of this hairstyle is more casual, perfect for a Friday wear!



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